Social and Privacy Aspects of Mobility

In conjunction with MDM2011

Analyzing huge amounts of mobility data has posed new challenges not only in the discovery and interpretation of interesting patterns, but also in the privacy preservation of individuals under observation. However, the social and privacy aspects of mobility have not been studied in a systematic and combinatorial way, while the census and the conception of their effects in our lives is rather in childhood. The convergence of these complementary aspects, and more specifically, the way that mobility affects (or is affected by) the social behavior of individuals and their privacy, emerges the exciting new area of "socio-mobility".

Socio-mobility arises a number of challenging questions. Are people moving together socially related? Are there social relations between people moving to semantically similar places? How could we combine mobility data and patterns with social networking information? Can social interactions be mined from mobility data by using external media? To what extend do social interactions affect privacy? What are the risks of disclosing social interactions between people and how can we design privacy-preserving techniques to minimize the risks? What kinds of social interactions are considered sensitive and how can we model / distort / suppress such interactions?

The SPM workshop brings together researchers investigating answers to the above questions by seeking novel methods and applications that reveal hidden interrelations between these aspects.

Important Dates

Paper submission: 25 February
Notification: 20 March
Camera Ready: 1 April
Workshop Date: 6 June